Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Live the Life You've Imagined - Mixed Media

Do you remember the canvas I showed you a teeny tiny piece of about a week ago? 
 Well I finally had a chance to get back to it last night.  When I started this piece I was envisioning a cloudy sky with the sun desperately trying to break through.  We were going through a lot at the time and it was the way I was feeling.  As the week went on.........the sun did finally shine in my life so I had trouble completeing my original vision for the piece.

So it ended up COMPLETELY different!  This is what I did to it last night:

I guess I'm feeling back to myself because it's definitely my style.  Do you see the globs of tissue paper?  They were gonna be clouds.   I add my favorite colors, blue and red then sprayed them with water to drip the paint.  Next came the black tape that I split in half and criss crossed. 

I knew I wanted to use this Tim Holtz stamp and actually attached it the canvas under the tag but I decided it didn't have enough umf.  I felt like I need to distract the eye from the clumps of tissue paper so I added the doily, created the tag, stamped the image again and added the flowers.  I'm really not sure if I'm happy with the way this turned out or if the composition is balanced enough so I thought I'd ask you.
What do you think?  Is it visually balanced?  I added the strip of black tape and lace to the right hoping it would do the trick.  Over all I think that considering the fact that it started completely different, it's ok.

Well, I think I'm gonna try to make it into town for some errands this morning so I've gotta finish up my doggie chores so I can get ready.  I also have a school function this evening so I won't be visiting your blogs til late tonight.

As always, thanks for stopping by......can't wait to read your comments!  They always make me smile :D


  1. So happy, the sun is shining on you now and hope it continues!

  2. wow- much better than the original idea. The only thing that doesn't quite fit to me is the brown flower on the left. It's so- brown. The black tape and lace really work.

  3. GORGEOUS Norma! So different from the way you started but in a beautiful way, you should love this! I can't paint so I give you a big thumbs up for this :o) Hugs!

  4. Thanks everybody! Charlene, it is really brown isn't it, lol! I was trying to bring out the colors from the butterfly on the right. I kept looking at thinking I needed to add more of those flowers. I guess because the brown flower seemed lonely to me. So I guess you hit it right on the head, it's kinda standing out.

  5. omgosh! you have inspired me to buy canvases!!!!

  6. I think it is very well balanced. I was drawn to each detail one by one. It was fantastic before, but I am glad you were able to "put the you back into it" is awe inspiring!
    Jessica S

  7. G-O-R-E-O-U-S-E ! Absolutely gorgeous!!!


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