Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bloom Where You're Planted - Art Journal

I'm back with more art journaling!!  I'm working on coloring in all those sketches I did awhile back and this is actually the first one of the batch.  I sketched her, doodled all the background and the flowers during one of the shows I did last month.  The show was a bit slow in the morning but picked up in the afternoon.  Anyway, I did this very loosely not worrying about it being perfect at all.

These pages were already stained with inks when I started drawing on them.  In fact most of the pages in my art journal already have stamps, inks, molding paste and paint already on them when I start.

This is the original sketch that I shared on Facebook.  Do you follow my FB page?  I share a lot of work in progress and daily happenings there.  Here is the link in case you'd like to check it out: FB Page.  It's also the best way to ask me questions.

This is a progress pic I shared on FB when I started working on it last night.

I used Golden and Liquitex acrylics to paint her in.  She looks Eastern European to me.  What do you think?

I think this side of the spread is my fav.  I actually struggled with it so it has many, many layers of paint and molding paste.  In the end, it all works so well together to create a cheerful scene.

It's kinda funny because the left side is so bright and cheerful but she looks kinda serious to me.  Very interesting.......I'm sure there is some good psychoanalysis that can me done here, lol.

Well that's it for today!!  I have a couple more unfinished sketches in my art journal so I'll try to get them finished up so I can share.  Thanks so much for stopping by and spending a little piece of your day with me.



  1. Absolutely beautiful, Norma! I love that sentiment…perfect with your beautiful lady!!

  2. Another fabulous creation - I love how you use those wonderful vibrant colours! TFS

  3. WOW!!!! Totally gorgeous Norma!!!

  4. This is beautiful, you're very talented, I love the expression of the woman. And this green with this red, I love the feeling of this color palette !

  5. WOW! so beautiful and full of amazing colors!!

  6. Great use of colors! and such a fun page. Its the best when we just let loose and let it happen!
    Hugs Lynn
    Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck.


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