Friday, October 17, 2014

Celebration Dia De Los Muertos Mask

Hey, hey, hey everyone!  Happy Friday!!!  I have a new Dia De Los Muertos mask to share just in time for the release of The Book of Life.  My son and I are so excited to see this movie.  I love seeing our beautiful culture making into the mainstream.  So go see it peeps!!

This guy has flaming suns for eyes, lol.  I wanted to give it a different shape since I always go with the scallops.  I have admit, once I did it I was like"hmm....I'm not sure about this".   But I believe in only moving forward on my projects so I kept truckin' and trusted that it would all work out.

Next came this shape and I was still like "I don't know".  So I decided to add bright colors and on went the magenta.

Once I began layering the bright colors, it really started to come together.

I made sure to tie in all of the colors for a cohesive look.

This mask is just so happy to me.  He is ready to celebrate!  If you're interested in purchasing this mask, click HERE.

Okay folks, I've gotta run so I'll let you go.  Thank you so much for spending a piece of your day with me.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Beautiful colours and my girls are wanting to see this movie too! Have a fabulous weekend.


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