Monday, April 6, 2015

Mermaid - Advice needed on this one

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great Easter weekend!  I working on this new canvas.  I don't have any progress pics to share other than the ones on FB because this one went really fast.

I love the way this turned out but I need your help deciding on adding a quote or leaving it as is.

I found a quote that I think would work well but I just can't decide whether or not to add it.

So here is a full shot of the canvas as is: Option 1

And here is the canvas with the words added digitally: Option 2.


So what do you think?  Add the quote or not?  If I add it, it would be handwritten not digitally printed.  Help, please, share your thoughts :D

Update!  I ended up leaving the original without words but added the quote to the prints.  Both are now available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

1.Original   2.Print


  1. I like it without If you frame it make up a little plaque with name and your poem on it :)

  2. This is gorgeous Norma! Either way you go looks awesome!!
    You are so very talented!!!

  3. I like it without the quote Norma mainly because when you add a quote it would get limited and tied to only that one context but keeping it without a quote the painting is free and to multiple interpretations and possibilities :) hugs, Suman

  4. This is gorgeous, love it as is - therefore the recipient can interpret it how they wish. Stunning work as always.

  5. Either way you go looks awesome!!



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