Friday, October 2, 2015

Truth: DecoArt Media Canvas

Hello, hello!  I'm back with another DecoArt Media project.  This is actually the first project I created using the DecoArt Media fluid acrylics and let me tell you; I LOVE them.  Now you know I'm all about deep rich BOLD colors right?!  Well these fluid acrylics really deliver.  They are highly pigmented so the colors are absolutely beautiful and the gesso is one of the creamiest I've ever used. 

Since this was my first go round with these fluid acrylics I decided to go for my favorite color palette.  I'm using Cobalt Teal Hue on the top and Cobalt Turquoise Hue on the top.  All I did was add droplets and then blended all the colors together with my brush.  I will usually go dark on the bottom and light on the top.  I guess because I feel like the sunlight is always shining down on my girls.

Next I added texture with the help of the Americana Pixelated stencil.  I think this is a really cool stencil.  It adds a touch of the digital age to my fierce warrior chic, don'tha think?  I like high contrast so opted for Cadmium Orange Hue mixed with a little bit of the Magenta Interference.  I also added white highlights to the dots for some dimension.  To add the dots I dipped the end of my paint brush into Titanium White and literally dotted the orange pixels.

Moving on to my focal image.  I love painting strong women so in keeping with that tradition I added this beautiful lady.  I used Burnt Sienna to "sketch" my girl.  Then I mixed Burnt Sienna and Titan Buff for my base skin color.  I began with adding the shadows in Burnt Sienna and highlights with Titan Buff then blended the two using my skin toned mixture.  I continued blending the shadows and highlights until I was happy with the look.

I also added some native american motifs using the Americana Aztec stencil and Hansa Yellow Medium.  I outlined the motifs with Titanium White.

The hair is a combination of Carbon Black, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna and the other colors used in the background.  I like to combine all the colors I'm using into the shadows.  I think it really helps unify the composition.

I continued to use the same combination of colors for her staff, feathers and jewelry.  To outline the feathers and add details, I dipped a calligraphy pen into watered down Titanium White paint.

I used the 6x8 American Aztec Pattern for this undercover tat.  I wanted it to look like it was under her skin so I went back over it with the skin color blend.

These DecoArt Media fluid acrylics are amazing, I'm so happy with them!  They are professional grade acrylics just like the big names you might be use to using but cost less.  Which means that you can buy even more colors for your collection.

You can find them online at or in your local JoAnn Fabrics.  For more information on each product, visit  To find more inspiration and tips on how to use each product, visit the online education program or sign up for the newsletter.  You can also visit the blog for the latest design team creations and don't forget to visit us on Facebook. :D

Thank you so much for visiting me today!  Have a beautiful blessed day, Follow Your Arrow: Truth!!


  1. wonderful painting Norma !! what are you calling her ??

  2. Thank you Suman! I'm glad you like her. I'm calling this one Truth :D

  3. Oh Norma, this is stunning. I think this is my favorite painting you've finished to date. Gorgeous.

  4. WoWWWWWWW! This is stunning! I love the colors and subject.

  5. WOW - this is stunning! Love love it! TFS

  6. Wow! This is beautiful, Norma! I love the bold colors and your strong woman is gorgeous! I can tell you had fun creating this! I don't have any of the Fluid colors yet, but they are next in line on my DecoArt wish list. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Hugs and blessings!

  7. This is beyond gorgeous! Such a stunning design and your color choice is amazeballs! I really like the texture you have achieved in this piece. Such a genius idea to create the tattoo! Those feathers are fantabulous! Awesome sauce! ~Niki

  8. Love her skin tone on this! The whole picture is just outstanding!


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