Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dakota - Mixed Media Canvas

Hi Everyone!!  I'm back today with a new mixed media canvas.  This is a custom ordered piece.  I was given a theme and color combo to work with and this is what I created:

Meet Dakota, named after the beautiful quote "We will be known forever by the tracks we leave" of the Dakota Sioux.

I started out by painting a base coat of turquoise and then sketching my focal image.

I working on her face and then moved onto the background.  I used masking paper to cover her and then created rays using a stencil.  I also added streaks using an old credit card.  I wanted to add subtle texture to the background so I used molding paste with a stencil.

After that I drew in native american motifs to tie the background to the focal image.

With the background nearly complete, I turned my focus back to my beautiful native american woman.  I added details to her clothes, head piece and jewelry.

I was given a choice between two quotes to use and decided on this one.  I think it really fits the piece and is a great quote.

I finished off by adding dark blue paint to the edges.  I feel like it helps finish a piece when I have some sort of border.

I was really happy to do this themed piece because I've been wanting to do an native american piece.  In fact, my next canvas will probably be in the same theme.  If you have an idea for a piece and would like to order a custom canvas, just shoot me an email, message me on Etsy or FB.  If you send it through Twitter I may not see it.  So let me know what you think of Dakota!!  She'll be traveling to her new home this week.  I sure hope she is loved :D

Thank you for stopping, HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!


  1. She is stunning, Norma! I just know my sister is going to fall in love with her.

  2. I love this girl, your sweet Dakota !!! Beautiful work as always !!!

  3. WOW - Dakota is stunning! I love the blue and you have given her so much character! Amazing canvas. TFS


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