Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fairy Wishes

Hello you guys!!  I'm back with a new canvas and this one is big.  I'm going whimsical on this piece, I'm calling it Fairy Wishes:

This is canvas is 16x20 and 1.5" deep.  I started just like I always do, you know with absolutely no idea of what I'm gonna create, lol.  I just picked a couple of colors that I love and started painting.

With the base colors down, I started adding these flowing vines.  I really enjoy the fluid motion of creating curves so I always add them in somewhere.  At this point I walked away for a little while til a burst of inspiration hit me.

I found a photo of girl with beautiful purple hair that inspired me to create this fairy.

I spent a lot time tweaking her, I'm self taught so I just do the best I can and learn as I go.

I started adding circles and when I added some highlights they transformed into bubble so I just went with it, lol.

I used book text, acrylic paints, gouache, spray ink, stencils, markers and stamps to create all of my layers.

The edges are painted in a muted teal.  That's it for today friends, THANK YOU so much stopping by and spending a little part of your day with me!!

May you touch Dragonflies and Stars, 
Dance with Fairies and touch the Moon

Have a magical day!!


  1. Absolutely wonderful, Norma…I love those colors and wow…that sentiment is great! What a lovely piece of inspiration. You are beyond talented!

  2. Stunning Norma...Fairy, colours and sentiment..I love evrything!

  3. This is truly amazing! Love love the leaves and then to add the image - wow! Gorgeous fairy and love her headdress! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hi Norma, Im following you now. you can follow me or visit my website


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