Monday, August 11, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Creative Blog Hop!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I'm very excited to be a part of this Creative Blog Hop! The hop was started to inspire those that take part, to meet new people and experience different styles of art along the way.  I really like the idea of this ongoing "creative tour" and hope that you will follow the links to the artists I'm sharing today.  They are truly inspiring and talented ladies.

I was invited to participate in this hop by my friend Dana Tatar.  Please take the time to visit her blog, show her some love and enjoy her beautiful work.  I first met Dana on the Paper Wings Productions design team and have since had the pleasure of working with her on a couple of other teams.  I have always been in awe of her talent and ability to manange all of her teams and family responsiblities.  She makes balancing everything look so easy!  Her work is always so creative and inspiring.  I love how diverse her style is and always look forward to see what she is sharing next.  You never know because she can do it all!  Make sure to visit her blog They Call Me Tater Salad and follow along!

Lately I've been going through a bit of a transition in my life and really haven't blogged much.  So I hope that this hop will get me back into the groove of things.  Life tends to get very busy but I know that it's important to keep sharing and getting to know each other :D

What am I working on right now?
I've decided to take a break from design team work in order to focus on my family and artwork.  Right now I'm trying to work on new art for my upcoming Fall shows.  I've also been working on adding new items to my product line.  I'm really excited to see my artwork on all types of things like makeup bags, coin purses, porcelain ornaments, notebooks, greeting cards, jewelry and artist prints.  

How does my work differ from others in my genre?
That's tough because there are so many talented artists out there.  I love creating with beautiful bold colors with lots of layers and contrast.  I try to make all of my artwork inpirational.  I also try to insert my ethnicity into all of my work.   Besides working on canvas, I love to create three dimensional projects using recycled materials.

Why do I create?
Creating is such an important part of who I am.  When I'm not creating I feel like something is missing.  When I was a little girl, I was always drawing and I had to take art every year.  As an adult I began crafting and sold my wares in local craft malls until the birth of my youngest son.   After that I began scrapbooking which led to art journaling, mixed media and illustration.  I'm kinda quite and use art to express myself.  I'm happiest when I'm painting and connecting with others that love to create.

How does my creative process work?
I have to have music playing when I work and I like to be left alone.  I usually don't start out with a plan and if I do have one, it's a very loose idea.  Most of the time I start by creating a background and then just go from there but sometimes I begin with a rought sketch.  I like to think the my project reveals itself to me as I work.  I love getting into that flow state where my projects come to life.  I like the freedom of creating without a plan or expection.  I think it's way more fun that way!

I'm nominating my friend and talented artist Kimberly Robinson Bolden from My Polka Dotted Bliss.  Look for her Creative Blog Hop posts on August 18th.

Kimberly creates the most beautiful cards, scrapbook layouts, altered art and creative gifts.  She masterfully mixes color and patterns to create unique projects with a sophisticated vintage flare.  Kimberly sells a variety of premade and embellished items that make memory-keeping and gift-giving to special ones like family, friends, teachers and assistants a cinch.  You can find her gorgeous work in her Etsy Shop Polka Dotted Bliss.  To see more of her projects, you can also visit her blog My Polka Dotted Bliss.  I hope you'll stop by her store and blog to get to know her better.

To keep up with me, visit my Facebook page, I post there on a regular basis and share works in progress along with things that inspire me.  If you're interested in seeing my current product line, visit my Etsy shop: LittleHoneyBeeStudio.

Thank you so much for visiting me today!  Have a beautiful day, hugs to you all!!!


  1. Your work is AMAZING Norma!!! Always love stopping by to see what you are up to!
    AWESOME projects!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing such a big part of yourself in today's post, Norma! It's been so nice following your art and I'm always excited to see what you come up with next. Your work is simply amazing. I absolutely love the pieces I've purchased and am so happy that the creative world introduced us. Keep on keeping on lady.....

  3. Such a wonderful post and so nice to hear that you are OK and enjoying your crafting side still! Love the idea that your art is on so many items now :-) Have a great week.

  4. You're work is extraordinary, Norma! Today's post is sensational...Thank you for sharing and inspiring!!! You're the best.

  5. I am so in awe of your raw talent Norma! Thank you fo giving us a glimpse inside your artful mind and for inviting me to the hop! So happy our paths crossed ;)


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