Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bendita Mujer, Blessed Woman

Hello, hello!  I'm excited to share my latest canvas with you.  The title of this piece is "Bendita Mujer" which means blessed woman.  The inspiration for the title and sentiment was the cross on her forehead.  So let me rewind things a bit to tell you the story of how she sprang to life.

I created this background in between projects to use up left over paints.  Love the pink against the blue!  So anyway, I had no plan for it.  I was just playing around and it sat to the side waiting for inspiration.

Then during the Peddler's Show, I sketched her out in one of my journals.  I love the way she turned out and knew she NEEDED to go on a canvas, lol.

I thought this background would be perfect so I sketched her out and started painting.

I changed a few things from my original sketch like her mouth.  I wanted her to be happy since she'd lived such a wonderful life.

The words are my own.  I thought of how a women was the heart and soul of her family.  I think my mother might have subconsciously been the inspiration for this piece.  It reads:

"Bendita Mujer, Luz de la famila.
Querida Mujer,
Bendita sea su presencia par siempre.
Querida Mujer"

Translation: Blessed women, light of the family.  Beloved Women.  Blessed be your presence forever, beloved women.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you've enjoyed my "Blessed Woman".

Have a beautiful, blessed day!!

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  1. Sometimes the things we don’t plan turn out to be wonderful and so does this painting. I liked the blue base and this blessed woman is looking beautiful in all these colors.


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