Thursday, April 26, 2012

Discover - Universal Studios

I've got part deux of our Jurassic Park experience at Universal Studios in Florida:
For this layout I stuck with the torn edges and camo pattern paper but choose orange for the anchor color to match the accent colors of the jeep.  I cut my title with my handy dany Cricut :D 

My son had a blast at the Discovery Center just playing and learning from all of their cool exhibits.  Well, gotta run ;D  My DH came back into town last night so we enjoyed some good family time and today we're gonna try to take it easy and spend some more time together before he has to head out again. 
Take Care :D


  1. I love how you add so many photos and yet it doesn't feel crowded, just fun! Cheesy grin :-)

  2. Super cute!
    Just saw your comment on Melissa's blog yesterday about having 3 American Bulldogs! I am going to look for a post on here with them! :)
    And I'm following you now!

  3. wow..great colors and photos! great job, as usual, Norma!!

  4. great paper tearing! You've got so many photos here...awesome!

  5. Another great LO! I love how you added the captions on the photos! And the tag at the top, is that hidden journaling? Very nice, and thanks for sharing!


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