Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Lost Continent

Hello friends, I've got another layout from our trip to Universal Studios for you today:
I downloaded the for the title and used some Once upon a time velum.  Super simple layout here, nothing fancy at all but I'm still pretty happy with the way it turned out :D


Thanks for all your lovely comments about my four legged babies :D  They mean the world to us!
@Melissa, no we're not breeders but we did breed our dogs last fall.  They are our family pets and it was one time breeding. 
@Kayla Renee, they definitely keep me busy!  I have this sign shaped like a dog bone that reads, "Today's agenda: Take Dog Out, Bring Dog In".  I feel like so much of my day is taken up with taking my babies out, feeding them, taking them out again and bring them back in, then repeat, lol.  It can be so exhausting sometimes.  We live on two acres and have one acre reserved for the dogs.  This area is fenced in for them to run and play but I still have to walk them out there and make sure they have plenty of water while they're out playing.
@Melissa, Baby is totally in charge.  They all step away from the food bowl when she comes around, lol.
@Tanya, Happy Birthday to Griffin!!  Ours ABs are more of the Johnson type.  I really love this breed, they can get such a bad rap just because of their appearance but they are total companion dogs and love their families so much.  We have never had a problem with our babies, they are all so sweet and love on everyone that comes around.   I'm gonna have to look for pics of Griffin on your blog :D

Take care everyone, hope I didn't bore you with my doggie talk!  I really am a HUGE dog lover and my four legged babies mean the world to me.  Thank you for all your nice comments!!


  1. Loved all layout, AND all the doggie talk!! :)

    There are tons of posts about Griffin and our other fur babies on my blog. I tag them "dogs" so they'd be easy enough to find.

    So funny about Baby, I forgot to mention that our Basset Hound believes he's Alpha Male, and in charge of everything. Griffin just looks at him, and goes about what he's doing. Our boxer, Junior, does challenge him at times. But Droopy-Doo definitely holds his own, and for being so long with such short legs, is surprisingly agile when they all get to romping outside, LOL! :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Great layout! We are going to Universal in California in October. My husband and I haven't been for over 10 years, and the kids have never been. Your layouts are making me so excited!

  3. Fantastic layout! TFS and have a great weekend!

  4. great page- it may be simple, but sometimes simple is best- love the colors

  5. Such a neat page. I really like the colours you used on this layout, perfect with these photos.
    You can tell the love you have for your babies :)

  6. What an awesome layout!! You really have an eye for design and color!! This is gorgeous :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Love this Layout! Thanks for stopping by shop pumpkin spice and leaving me a comment! Your dog is cute!


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