Monday, April 16, 2012

Finally Catching a Break!

I'm so happy to finally be catching a break from all the work we've had over the last couple of weeks.  Things are still super busy for my husband out in the field but all my back office stuff is calming down for a bit.  So I'm sitting here trying to decide if I wanna organize my art supplies, paint or just catch up on reading all of your blogs.  I feel like I'm so behind on all the fun stuff, lol.  Well, I think I might just relax and watch the last Atlanta Housewives episode to recharge the old batteries.  Yup, doing nothing sounds really good right now :D  I'll be back in full force real soon ;D.  TTYL!!


  1. Beautiful photo! Enjoy your down time, girl! :)

  2. what a wonderful photo! sometimes it is just fine to relax and what a show!!

  3. Gorgeous picture! Relax a little for me too :o) Hugs!

  4. Some days are meant to do nothing but relax :)
    Hope you enjoyed it :)
    Love that photo is that in your garden?

  5. Very nice photo! As for a break, sometimes you just have to take that time for yourself! Hope you got plenty of R&R!


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