Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Four Legged Babies :D

I'd like to introduce you to our four legged babies.  We have three American Bulldogs and one Miniature Dachshund

This beautiful lady is Bella Tianna and she just turned 4yrs old this month.  She was flown to us from CA when she was a pup.  Her Great Grandfather is Sure Grip's Rattler, AKA Chance from Disney's Homeward Bound. Bella is just as sweet as she is beautiful.

This big bad boy is Lucky Domino.  He turned 4yrs old on Valentine's Day.  He may look big and mean but he is a total Mama's Boy :D

This is Sandy and she is our latest addition to the family.  She's 5 1/2 months old and she is Domino & Bella's baby girl.  Sandy was the runt of the litter and my son fell in love with her the day she was born.  He would go in every chance he had, get her out of the whelping box and just love on her.

This is Sandy at 8 wks, isn't she just beautiful!

This is my son and his girl :D

This is Baby and don't let her little 8lb body fool you, she runs the roost!  She is 7yrs old and is a real character.  She loves being outside sniffing for squirrels.  It's so funny cuz they drop nuts on her head all the time and she starts looking all around but never look up, lol.  Oh and she climbs trees, yup trees and she's fallen off before too.  Thankfully she wasn't seriously hurt.  I've even had to get her down from a tree with a ladder.  Well that's our whole doggie family, thanks for stopping by and meeting the kids :D


  1. Awwww your babies are are beautiful.
    Too funny that you have a dog that climbs trees, too funny.
    We had many dogs growing up. We also had a pure white bull dog. I would get mad as some of the kids told me he looked like a pig :(

  2. OMG, I love them!!! :) I love that Bella is "Chance's" great-granddaughter!! We watched that movie again when deciding on getting our AB Griffin. He turns 4 today, so all about the same age, too (except for sweet Sandy)! He is a Scott-type AB, so he is smaller/more athletic and has a different shaped head than your babies. Super cute, thank you so much for posting!!! :D

  3. oh my -- sooo cute! i just love the photos

  4. awwwwww, you have some adorable for legged babies.

  5. Your babies are so cute! I have 3 Corgis, but I've always loved Bulldogs! That's cute that Baby is in charge! And she climbs trees!?!?!?! Whaaaat?? Awesome kids!

  6. OMGosh!!! Adorable photos!!!! Love them!! And I can't believe you have Chance's great-granddaughter, that is really awesome... I watched that movie a million times growing up. and lovely addition to the family =)

  7. They are all so fabulously adorable! You're a breeder? What a job that must be!

  8. Oh wow. Your four legged friends would certainly keep you busy!
    I would love another dog but the boyfriend is staying firm on a no.
    I have a beaglier (beagle x king charles cavalier)
    He is my four legged baby.
    I have his pictures on my blog a lot. xx

  9. What beautiful dogs! We have a yellow lab, and sometimes I wish we had more than one dog. My husband would cringe if he heard me say that. We are huge dog lovers also. I heard someone the other day say, (about a dog that had died), to get over it because it was "just a dog". It took everything in my might not to rip their head off!!!! They are family! Thanks for sharing. Their photos make me smile!

  10. too funny - you have a beautiful fur baby family

  11. Oh, your dogs are so precious and beautiful!! I've had dogs my whole life but haven't been able to get another after I had to put my 15 year old baby to sleep a couple of years ago. Now three semi-feral cats adopted me (they were born here but their momma abandoned them) and one especially is so sweet I'm afraid a dog would scare them. I do miss having a dog. Yours are just gorgeous :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. Very nice dogs, Norma! I've loved cats and dogs all my life, but I've never had any...but I'm glad I got to live vicariously through you with this post! Baby is too cute! I've always heard its the small ones that run things, lol


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