Thursday, June 7, 2012

1st Birthday Part II

Ok, yesterday I shared a layout of my son's first birthday and mentioned that we had a separate party with the whole family.  So here is the layout of that party:

For this layout, I used more of the party decorations.  The little face and number one are from the banner I used at the party.  I even added a napkin and attached it with brads.  His little shirt had the same character and I had his cake made to match.  I sure wish I would have taken a pic of it, lol.

Look how handsome my DH is!! :D 
You know I still use that candle every year because it plays "Happy Birthday" :D

Thanks for stopping by today!! 
My posting schedule has been way off lately because I started babysitting my adorable grandson and he's keeping me super busy.  I'm hoping to get a handle on things and get back into a routine soon.  I'm dying to get my hands dirty with some paint again.  Well, gotta run so have a good one!!


  1. such a cute layout!! He is adorable LOL

  2. Such a cutie! Great idea to include party decor! TFS :)

  3. oh my this is so cute!! great job

  4. So adorable Norma! I get the crazy schedule :o) I haven't posted since last weekend. With my boys getting out of school next week I haven't been home much, lots of end of year stuff going on :o) I hope to get back to a semi descent routine soon :o) Hugs!

  5. That's a sweet layout, I like how you've used bits of the banner from the day, that's proper scrapbooking! x

  6. Absolutely adorable!! The pictures are fabulous :)

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