Monday, March 24, 2014


Hey there sweet bloggie friends!!  I hope you are all doing fantastic :D  I've been busy trying to get ready for upcoming shows.  So today I wanna share a new mini tabletop canvas that I completed last week.  This is a tiny 3x3 canvas in a tabletop frame.

This design was completely driven by the large canvas I was working on.  I used the leftover paints from "Amelita".

The blue is from her dress and the red from her lips.

I used a rubon from my stash for the flourishes, birds and sentiment.  The white dots were done with my favorite Signo pen.  I highly recommend this pen!!  You can buy it here: PWP.

I did an outdoor market on Saturday, here's a look at my set up :D  Well friends I'll let you get on with your day, thanks so much for stopping by!!

Hugs, have a beautiful day!!


  1. Such a gorgeous project and amazing looking booth!!!
    I just LOVE all your work Norma!!!
    AMAZING job :)

  2. Fabulous mini canvas - wow 3" by 3". I hope your outdoor market went well - I see Amelita at the top there - fabulous!


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