Monday, March 26, 2012

RED in Fredericksburg - My Happy Place!

After we were done at the Peddlers Show, we headed into town for lunch and of course a little shopping ;o).  We into RED and let me tell you, angels started singing, my eyes lit up and with a HUGE smile, I think I even squealed.  This store is AMAZING, they have modern/transitional furniture mixed with vintage finds, jewelry, luxurious fabrics, books and so much more.  I absolutely LOVED everything there!  I snapped a few pics of some of my favorite displays to share with you:

This was one of the first things that caught my eye when I walked in.  I LOVE the organic quality of this piece.  It was displayed above a very elegant dinning table.  I wouldn't mind putting this in my casual dinning area! :o)

This artwork really spoke to me, it reminds me of my own pieces.

This display had to be my FAVORITE, these light fixtures are made from old album covers.  They were made by a design student for a class project and then they just took off.  I absolutely LOVE these aren't they great!  The table was kinda industrial with steel trim and legs.  I would love to have this set up in my studio......

This store was bursting with INSPIRATION and CREATIVE energy and the staff was so friendly!  I'm definitely going back!!  Check out their website when you get a chance: RED!!!

Come back by tomorrow to see what I bought!
  Have a Wonderful Day!!!!


  1. My goodness, I think I would've squealed, too! What a FABULOUS store! Thanks for the link to their site.

    1. Oh Man, this place is really awesome! I wish I could have taken the whole store with me :D

  2. Really fun photos. Boy, I could get lost in that store for an afternoon! I am really enjoying your blog. New follower. :-)

    1. We spent a lot of time there, my hubby gets in on the fun too. Between you and me, I think he's got a little design nerd in him too (hehehehe)!

      Thanks following along :D


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