Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Updating Your Home for Spring

With all of the beautiful weather we've had, I decided it was time to say goodbye to the warm rich colors of Fall and Winter  

and Hello to the fresh colors of Spring!

   Updating  your home can be as easy as changing out your curtains, throw pillows and accessories just as I did in our home. 

Throughout the entire year, the base colors of my home are cream and blue but during the fall/winter my dominate color is chocolate with orange and blue accents.

Once Spring hits, blue takes over complimented by green for a light, calm and breezy feel.

I hope you're inspired to update your home for Spring!


  1. Love the blues and orange, your living room looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad you stopped by!!

  2. Hello Norma!

    I agree with all of your tips!

    Thank you for them...... By the way, your living room looks lovely!

    Ciao Bella!

    Bella Bliss

    1. Thank you, I really wanted to get pics during the day because I love having the shades up but it was impossible. Everytime I tried, the photo turned out very dark. I think its time to invest in a flash for my camera, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

    2. Oh my goodness! Your home looks like a model home!

      I really want to decorate my house, but hubby likes to leave things "the way they are". We have a brand new house and now all the walls are still bare.

    3. Thank you, believe it or not I usually have at least four neighborhood boys lounging on that cream sofa. We've been here for almost two years and there is still so much I'd like to do to the house, my husband keeps reminding me that it took 10yrs to get our last house where we wanted it.

      Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment!!


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